• Join us abord the Keely Rose
    Our 32 foot plate aluminium ocean prowler with superior sea handling capabilities.
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  • Over 30 years experience
    We know the best fishing in Rainbow Beach
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  • Explore abundant reefs off the Sunshine Coast.
    Discover Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point.
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About the Keely Rose

"Another superb trip aboard Keely Rose"

  • 32" centre cabin
  • Superior sea handling and stability.
  • High performance fume free engine.
  • The best shore to ship communications.
  • Educated, friendly & helpful on deck crew

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Departure Details

"Hardly had time to put my rod down"

  • Departure times range from 4:30am to 5am
  • Weather confirmation day prior to charter.
  • Departing from the beautiful Rainbow Beach.
  • Safety briefing prior to boarding.
  • Returning between 2pm-2:30pm.

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Prices & Booking

"Best charter in south East Queensland"

  • Full-Day Charter Option.
  • Full boat hire (10 person max).
  • Refund if captain does not permit voyage.
  • Range of payment options available.

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Rainbow Beach Deep Sea Fishing at its best on the famous Keely Rose

Experience some of the best deep sea fishing in Queensland on the many unspoilt reefs surrounding Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point and Fraser Island on the Keely Rose. Catch an abundance of spectacular fish on a full day deep sea fishing charter departing beautiful Rainbow Beach. Our crew of professional fishermen have fished the waters off Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point and world heritage listed, Fraser Island exclusively for the past 30 years. We will take you offshore to the best fishing in Rainbow Beach. Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point and Fraser Island waters produce an abundance of quality reef species such as Snapper, Pearl Perch, Parrot, Coral Trout, the mighty Red Emperor and many other table and game fish species. Don't miss out on one of Queensland's best deep sea fishing charters on the awesome "Keely Rose". Please read terms & conditions and departure arrangements when considering a fishing charter with us. 

Departure Details Prices & Bookings

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